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Take Control Of
Your Home's Energy Use,
Anytime, Anywhere

AEP Ohio’s IT’S YOUR POWER app equips you with the knowledge to transform the way you use energy. Begin tracking your daily electricity usage, control smart home devices, set a budget and get personalized tips…all from the convenience of your phone.

Simply download the IT’S YOUR POWER app from the Apple Store or Google Play and enter your AEP Ohio username and password to get started.


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Unlock More Capabilities With
An Energy Bridge*

The Energy Bridge connects your IT’S YOUR POWER app with your home’s AEP Ohio smart meter, giving you access to your energy use in real time. Turn a device on or off and immediately see the change in your app! Plus, with the Energy Bridge, you gain access to a suite of additional energy management tools to control and optimize your home.

*Due to inventory shortage, customers are unable to request an Energy Bridge at this time.” 

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Energy Bridge

Transform Your House Into A Smart Home

Once you’ve connected an Energy Bridge, you’ll be ready to start adding all of your home’s smart devices to your It’s Your Power app. Set rules, control all of your devices from a single app on your phone, and immediately see the impact on your energy use.

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