Here are some answers to common questions about It’s Your Power.

App FAQs

  • What can I expect from the IT’S YOUR POWER smartphone app?

    The It’s Your Power app helps AEP Ohio customers with AMI or smart meters to see the amount of electricity they use each day. When used with the AEP Ohio Energy Bridge, the app displays real-time information about the electricity your home is using.

  • What else can I do with the IT’S YOUR POWER app?

    With the It’s Your Power app, you can:

    • See your electricity use with an overlay of the actual and predicted weather. Touch the center of the 24 hour usage dial to quickly see the weather.
    • See how much of your electricity
      • is “always on”, or used by those devices that are plugged in, switched on and always pulling power.
      • is used by HVAC to heat or cool your home if you have a connected thermostat.
      • is used by other smart devices.
    • Set a budget goal or electricity usage “Target” for your home and receive notifications if you’re not on track to meet your goal.
    • Use the app’s “Tips and Projects” to help you meet your target.
    • Participate in “Challenges” to engage the whole family in managing your electricity use.
    • If the app is downloaded on an iOS smartphone, use PowerScan to measure the electricity used by any device and estimate how much money it is costing you to run in a month.
  • What if my home doesn’t have a smart meter yet? Can I still use the app?

    Though you will not see your daily or historical electricity usage, you can use three features of the app:

    • See “Tips and Projects” to help you manage your electricity use and meet your goal or “Target”.
    • Participate in “Challenges” to engage the whole family in managing your electricity use.
    • If the app is downloaded on an iOS smartphone, use PowerScan to measure the electricity used by any device and estimate how much money it is costing you to run in a month.
  • How do I log in?

    Make sure you have created an AEP Ohio account. You can do this by either tapping “Don’t have an account? Sign up!” on the app login page or by going to www.AepOhio.com/account/. Once you have an AEP Ohio account, enter the same username and password in the required fields and then tap “Sign In”.

  • Why does the IT’S YOUR POWER app only show one of my addresses?

    The IT’S YOUR POWER app only supports data from one service address at a time. The energy usage from your default primary service address will populate in the app. You can change your primary service address by logging into www.AepOhio.com/account

  • What should I do if I need assistance?

    If you have not already logged into the app, tap “Contact Us” on the login page of the app. You can also email for support at YourPowerHelp@aep.com or call 877-427-0626. If you are able to access the app, open the menu and tap “Help Center”. From there you can create an email or call support directly.

  • My username and password are not working – what should I do?

    Your username and password are the same credentials used for your AEP Ohio account. If you have entered both your username and password correctly and are still unable to sign in, then you can reset your password. Go to www.AepOhio.com/account/ or tap “Forgot your password?” in the app and follow the steps there for “Forgot User ID/Password”. If the problem persists, contact support at 877-427-0626 or email YourPowerHelp@aep.com.

  • How do I access the navigation menu?

    Access the navigation menu by tapping the horizontal bars in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • How do I log out?

    Tap the “Sign Out” button in the menu.

  • How do I set a “Budget” goal or “Target”?

    Scroll below the energy dial on the home screen of the app and select “Set” or “Adjust Budget”. Then, select your target from the dropdown menu. Options for setting your target include “lower my energy use”, “maintain my energy use” or “set a custom target”. Then follow the prompts for each choice. Please note that the budget is an estimate of electric costs only – it is not designed to predict or match your actual bill from AEP Ohio.

  • I am seeing historical usage in the app and would like to see how my home uses electricity in real time. What do I do next?

    Seeing real time electricity usage is only possible for customers with an Energy Bridge. If you have an Energy Bridge that isn’t set up open the app, select “Begin Energy Bridge Setup” from the “My Devices” section and follow the instructions. If you have questions about your Energy Bridge contact support at 877-427-0626 or email YourPowerHelp@aep.com. New Energy Bridge requests cannot be made at this time due to inventory shortage. 

  • When will I begin seeing historical usage?

    After you first sign in to the app, it will take up to 24 hours for your app to update your historical usage. If you do not see your historical usage displayed after 24 hours, contact support at 877-427-0626 or email YourPowerHelp@aep.com

  • Below the 24 hour usage dial is an “Always On” tab. What does this mean?

    The 24 hour dial shows how much total electricity is being used, or demanded, at any given time. This reflects all appliances, lighting, electronics and devices pulling power. You can view how much electricity is used by different components to help you understand how to manage your load. You can also experiment with ways to change behavior and reduce electricity usage by unplugging devices and watching the changes in the app.

  • If I move, will my address automatically update in the app?

    Yes, as long as you have updated your address in your AEP Ohio account.

  • Can other members of the household view the same information on their phones?

    Yes, anyone can download the It’s Your Power app. To see the home’s electricity usage, simply sign on with the username and password used to access your online account at AepOhio.com. Keep in mind that the actions taken on any one phone will affect what others see since the information is tied to the same account.

  • Sometimes I notice gaps in my real-time usage dial. What is happening?

    This may be due to a poor internet or smart meter connection. Click on “Settings” at the bottom right corner of the “Energy Usage” page to view your internet connectivity and smart meter connectivity. If your internet connection has been lost, follow steps to reconnect your internet connection. If the smart meter is disconnected or shows poor connectivity, try moving your Energy Bridge a few feet closer to the meter. If this doesn’t work, or if you have additional questions, contact support at 877-427-0626 or email YourPowerHelp@aep.com with a screenshot of the issue.

  • I would like to see my real-time energy usage in the app, but my home doesn’t have a smart meter. Are there plans to roll out more smart meters?

    AEP Ohio is currently installing smart meters for nearly 900,000 additional Ohio customers over the next four years. Check AepOhio.com/SmartMeter to see when smart meters will be coming to your community.

  • How can I deactivate the app if I lost my phone?

    You can protect your information by going to www.AepOhio.com/account/ and resetting your password. In the event that someone is able to access your phone, they will not be able to access the app.

Energy Bridge FAQs

Thermostat FAQs

  • Will the It’s Your Power thermostat work with my heating and cooling system?

    The It’s Your Power thermostat is manufactured by Powerley and is compatible with the following HVAC systems:

    • 24Vac singlestage and twostage conventional heating systems (gas, oil or electric)
    • Heat pump systems with up to two stages of heating (electric or gas)
    • Boiler systems
    • Onestage or twostage cooling systems

    The thermostat is not compatible with the following HVAC systems:

    • Radiant floor and wall heating systems
    • Zoned forced air and zoned hot water (twowire or threewire)
    • Hybrid systems/Dualfuel systems
    • Geothermal systems
    • Multizoned systems
    • 110 voltorhigher line voltage systems (e.g., electric baseboard heaters)
    • Millivolt systems (1224 Vac or direct current (DC) source)
  • I am interested in the It’s Your Power thermostat. How do I order one?

    New It’s Your Power thermostat requests cannot be made at this time due to inventory shortage. 

  • Do I have to install the thermostat myself?

    Thermostats may be installed by homeowners or installers. AEP Ohio and Powerley are not responsible for any damages resulting from the installation of the Powerley thermostat. If you choose to install the thermostat yourself, a detailed instruction guide is provided with the thermostat that includes instructions, specifications and troubleshooting tips. If you would prefer a trained installer, AEP Ohio is able to provide a list of those trained in installing the Powerley thermostat. Contact the support team through “Help Center” in the app to assist.

  • How do I control the thermostat?

    The thermostat may be manually adjusted or remotely controlled through the app.

  • Can I control anything on the thermostat manually?

    You can manually change the setpoint in both heating and cooling modes. Refer to the manual for detailed instructions.

  • Am I able to control my HVAC unit through the app?

    Once the thermostat is “included” in the app, thermostat readings may be viewed and settings can be adjusted. From “My Devices”, select “Thermostat” and select “Adjust Mode”.

  • How do I configure the HVAC type on the app?

    Go to My Devices > Settings. You can configure temperature unit settings, swing temperature, temperature calibration (offset) and system type. The system type must be set to the type of HVAC system that you have. Refer to your HVAC manual or consult with an HVAC consultant if you are unsure of what type of HVAC system is installed in your home.

  • Can I change the brightness of the thermostat display?

    Yes, go to “My Devices” > “Thermostat” > “Settings” and scroll to brightness. You can then choose “Low”, “Medium”, “High” and “Auto” mode.

  • Am I able to set rules on the thermostat?

    Rules may be set through the app only.

  • Does the Powerley thermostat support auto mode?

    No, the thermostat only supports “Heat and Cool” mode. No auto capability is currently available. However, that feature may be incorporated in the future.

  • Are there automatic schedules set for the thermostat?

    No automatic templates are currently available. However, this will be available in a future release.

  • How do I create thermostat rules?

    • Go to “Rules” in the main menu and chose the + to create a rule or go to “My Devices” > “Settings” and press the + sign to create.
    • This will bring up the conditions configuration screen. First select the “Select Condition” button.
    • Next, select “Day & Time”.
    • Choose the days of the week that this condition applies to.
    • Choose the time of day that this condition will apply to.
    • Select the action that you would then want the thermostat to perform.
  • Can I control my thermostat from outside my home?

    Yes, with the mobile app you can view and make changes to settings and the temperature from anywhere.

  • Can family members control the thermostat?

    Yes, if they have the app on their mobile device and log into the same customer account.

  • What is temperature offset?

    “Temperature Offset” is a feature that lets you adjust the room temperature reading +/- 5° F. This helps if your thermostat is in a slightly warm or cold spot, or if the room temperature does not match your old thermostat. You will find the temperature offset adjustment in “My Devices” > “Thermostat” > “Settings”.

  • What is swing temperature?

    “Swing” is the difference between the target and room temperature before heating or cooling modes are turned on. You will find the swing temperature setting adjustment in “My Devices” > “Thermostat” > “Settings”.