Create a Home

That Does More

For You

After installing the AEP Ohio Energy Bridge, turn your house into a smart home by connecting devices and controlling them directly from the It’s Your Power app. Set device rules and control them from anywhere, anytime.

Begin Creating Your Smart Home Experience With A Communicating Thermostat

Order your communicating thermostat ($99 value) through the AEP Ohio IT’S YOUR POWER app to get the latest in home climate technology. Once you’ve connected the AEP Ohio Energy Bridge, select the main menu in the app and click on “Shop Smart Devices” to request your thermostat.

Use the communicating thermostat to adjust the temperature from your phone when you’re out. Now you can come home to comfort, no matter the season.

What Devices Can You Connect
With The Energy Bridge?

Light Bulbs

GoControl LB60Z-1,
Go Control Flood Bulb LBR20Z-1


Aeotec ZW096

Window/Door Sensors

Linear WADWAZ1, ZW112


Kwikset 910 Z-Wave


Powerley Thermostat

Dimmer Switches

GE 12724 Dimmer Switch

Motion Sensor

Aeotec ZW100


Aeotec Home Energy Monitor Gen 5

And we are working on adding new devices every day.